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Air Quality Tests for Your DFW Area Home

Air quality tests

Why Test?

Because indoor air particulates are a health risk.

You suspect that something inside your Ft. Worth / Dallas home is causing discomfort to one of your family members. They simply feel better when they’re not at home.

At home, they may experience an occasional sneeze or cough when the heating or cooling system cycles on.

Or it may itchy eyes and frequent headaches.

Or it may simply be a feeling of malaise.

An Air Quality Test can often find the reasons for these symptoms.

What Do You Get?

Our Air Quality Expert will visit your home with an advanced laser particle counter.

With this sophisticated device, he will quantify the amount of breathable, airborne particulate matter and compare it to levels outside your home.

At the conclusion of the test, you’ll know which rooms have the cleanest air and which rooms don’t.

By knowing your home’s indoor air, you have made the first step toward good health.

Air Quality Solutions

There are a multitude of reasons your home may experience poor Indoor Air Quality and there are a corresponding number of solutions.

The value of the Indoor Air Quality Test is that you’ll know if you have an Indoor Air Quality problem and, if you do, you’ll be able to make an educated decision toward a remedy and you’ll have a benchmark against which to measure its success.

Do you have questions about what you’re breathing in your Ft. Worth / Dallas Area home?

Then call Texas Air Doctors today. Our air quality test is a great first step toward figuring out whether you have an indoor air quality issue and what measures you may need to take to correct them.

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