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To the President of Texas Air Doctor:Yesterday one of your service technicians, Brian fixed my two gas log fireplaces. I wanted you to know that he was the most professional and capable young man that I've ever had do repair work at my house. He was friendly, knowledgeable and represented your company exceptionally well!!! Due to his good work I signed up for your company's maintenance program. Joe Ryan

- Joe |

Hi TexasAirDoctors, Just wanted to pass on kudos for excellent hiring practices. We just had Daniel out to our house and were extremely impressed. Unsolicited, Daniel bragged about how good TexasAirDoctors treats its employees. When a company can make an employee feel so good about his/her company, then the company must be a really good company. And, if the employee likes the company and trusts the company, then customers will, too. So, when I learned that TexasAirDoctors offered a maintenance program, it was an easy decision to join...all because of how Daniel carried himself, his attitude, his competence, and his genuine team spirit. From where I sit, I'd continue to hire as many "Daniel" employees as I can so that every customer is always as impressed as I was. Because of Daniel, TexasAirDoctors will always be my HVAC go-to company. Thanks for hiring people like Daniel. Steve Olmos

- Steven |

Professional and prompt. Very happy to do business with this company. Daniel was thorough and explained not only the process of checking my fireplace but also the Mustang Club. Happy to say I am now a member.

- Margaret |

Wanted to say how much I appreciated Deandra and her willingness to help me schedule appointments after hours. She made it seem simple and was extremely friendly and courteous. Debi was also great to provide notification calls of when the technicians would arrive.The 2 technicians who have come to my home, Daniel and Brian, have both been very professional in their efforts, taking the time to explain what they did and fully disclosed all possible cost options and expectations, removing any surprises. I really appreciate that!I recently gave TAD my highest my eldest daughter.

- Robert |

We are currently trying to sell our home and the fireplace stoped working! They were great, helping me get through a very stressful time. They showed up when almost nobody could come out do to the holiday season. The employees were extremely helpful, polite and informative. Their goal was to make me happy, not just make money off of me. I would recommend them to anyone! They are my Santa Claus!

- Kristen |

We just had a new Lennox furnace and air conditioner installed and couldn’t be happier with the equipment and the entire sales and installation service from the staff of Texas Air Doctors. Jeff did a thorough analysis of our home and gave us several options to consider. The installation crew, lead by Gary, was timely, courteous, and professional at all times. They gave us periodic updates throughout the day telling us what had been completed and what they would be working on next. Thanks to the entire team for a great experience.

- Gene |


- Brenda |

Professional, timely, knowledgeable, and courteous!

- Greg |

I wanted to tell you what a great job Daniel does for us. He takes the time to explain what he has done and what is needed and is a pleasure to have in our house.

- Gary |

Mike Gossett came out today to give me a quote on a new ac unit system and I am beyond impressed with all the info he gave me. Not only did he give me the quotes, he taught me so much about ACs and diagnosed my current system that is having issues. He exceeded way beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend him and your company to anymore.

- Alesha |

The installers arrived right on time. They provided covers for our new floor and wore plastic shoe covers so the would not get our carpeting or floor dirty. They were exceptionally courteous and clean and, spoke fluent English. Their supervisor Jeff Gossett stopped by twice once during installation and at the completion. He went over everything with my wife and me to be sure we understood what we needed to know. We could not be happier. John Svendsen U.S.A.F.Ret.

- John |

I have called multiple times and spoke with a Debbie & Sandra and they have been so helpful. I feel like the tech has gone out of his way to help me and he tries so hard.

- Sue |

Have been a customer of Texas Air Doctors for over 5 years. They took care of our needs promptly. Tim provided service that was both friendly and professional while Frank added that personal touch. Thank you for treating us like family.

- Norma |

Fast Service...Jeff is a super tech...Had us diagnosed and gave us several options to solve the problem..great that this is a family can tell...will use you guys again...

- Rose |

I am normally ecstatically happy with TAD; I have recommended y'all more than once. Had my spring tune up yesterday and Tim was the tech. He was just fine when he showed up, punctual and courteous. When he started work in the attic though, he spend the entire time on the phone on what appeared to be a personal call regarding how much more per hour techs were getting paid at another company. The conversation was loud enough I heard all of it while working in my home office and he was in the attic and outside. This didn't strike me as being the same level of professionalism I'm used to. I know I'm not the youngest generation anymore, but spending your entire job on the phone with a buddy while in someone else's home just isn't how you do it. And upon leaving he tried to sell me three things totaling $1k. I felt like I was at the car dealership garage while standing in my own dining room. I have the entire system y'all installed, why do I need to spend $1000 more? Please don't turn into everyone else, I'm with you guys for the customer service.

- Allan |

A#1Air was the first responder that stated the whole unit needed to be replaced due to the compressor went out. Air Co(contract thru Lowes) stated the same. Tim Gray was awesome! He got it fixed quick and made all of us comfortable.

- Sheila |

Jeff came out to my house quickly and fixed my ac in short order. He was exactly what you would hope for in a service technician; polite, prompt, knowledgeable, and professional. The charges were fair and I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone.

- Scott |

Texas Air Doctors has serviced our home’s fireplace and our air conditioning and heating systems. I got their name from the preferred vender list for my Homeowner’s Association. Jeff has been to my home many times as have both Mike and Frank. I have nothing but the highest regard for them and their company. I felt compelled to write this review because of that relationship. I recommend Texas Air Doctors to my friends and neighbors because of the good service I’ve received.

- Tim |

Always on time. Friendly, knowledgeable, and don’t leave you feeling like they have taken advantage of you. I like dealing with local businesses and I’m glad to have this one in my area.

- James |

Texas Air Doctors Fixed our fireplace! Thanks to Jeff at Texas Air Doctors, a wedding reception I had scheduled at my restaurant was saved. He came our on short notice and repaired the fireplace that my guest had insisted upon. Thanks Texas Air Doctors, and specifically Thanks Jeff!

- Steve |

The customer service was outstanding the workmanship was excellent. This is the best company I have found that has great customer service, competitive prices and great work. I would recommend this company to everybody. Keep up the great work!

- Qu |

I wish to compliment the people at Texas Air Doctors They accomplished what I needed, on my time schedule at a reasonable price and got me back on line before I had to go out of town.

- Ken |

You know this unit has been in for 6-years now and I’ve had to add Freon every year. Texas Air Doctors is the first company that cared enough to search for and seal the leak.

- David |

Your attention to detail and common sense made us cancel a contract we had already signed with another contractor. Then you instructed us on how to get gas run to our total electric home so we could get the economy that gas provides over electric heat.

- Nancy |

Your price was 10% higher than the other bid, but you spent more time with me and I felt you knew more about what I wanted; then, you added two return air ducts that definitely made my home more comfortable.

- Glen |

Frank, when the Richland Hills City Building Inspector came to inspect the new American Standard furnace Jeff & Mike installed, he said, “Those guys really did a nice job.” He was impressed. Thanks for the great job, it’s so quite!

- LC |

My wife was pregnant, my American Standard AC wasn’t cooling so I called Frank and although they were very busy and couldn’t get to us until the next day, he gave me some instructions for trouble shooting my unit and I was able to fix it that day by myself! Thanks Frank, you saved my marriage (lol)!

- David |

I’ve never had any home contractor leave my house so spotless….thank you!!!!

- Gwen |

Frank: Please convey to Carlos and his crew how much I appreciate the hard work they did and how well they cleaned up my house after they were done! I think it was cleaner after they left than before.

- Kathryn |

Frank, please tell Misty and Josh how much we appreciated their hard work in getting our service performed. Just call Misty, “Miss Customer Service,” she was so helpful! Thanks again.

- Jake |

Texas Air Doctors, please give these hand knitted dish towels to Misty. She was so helpful in getting my air-conditioner fixed. She is great!

- Kathleen |

Wow! Back in 2003 I had a service man who cut a hole in the wall in the closet of the guest bedroom. The hole went directly into the attic and I didn’t know it was there until I got the Blower Door Test. Whenever we went into that room during the test, the Theatrical Smoke Frank and Linda used was pouring, I mean POURING, out from behind the clothes! Now I know why my utility bills are so high and why my allergies are so bad!

- Clifton |

Wow! We’ve lived in this home for 5 years and I always sit at the same place on the sofa. After you finished redoing our ducts I felt air coming from the overhead vent! Plus there is no dust! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

- Carey |

Thanks! You were right about needing additional return air vents. The system you worked on is cooling better than ever, so we’re ready to do the other system now. It’s the first time I haven’t dreaded summer since we moved into this house.

- Mia |

Frank, I just wanted you to know, I got my January and February 2009 gas bills. They were 50% less than the November and December 2008 bills. I believe it is a direct result of Jeff and his guys adding insulation and sealing the cavities between the first and second floor at our home! Excellent service! The Mustang membership also reduces cost of seasonal check-ups as well as other parts/labor/service calls. I definitely recommend this company to consumers/homeowners for air conditioning/heating/gas fireplace concerns.

- Linda |

Frank, when we decided to change out our air-conditioning system, I did my due diligence and invited several different contractors to bid on the unit. Although Texas Air Doctors was substantially higher than the other contractors we choose you because we believed you would provide better service. You professionalism far exceeded the other company.

- John |

Wow! What a difference! After you redesigned and changed the ducts in our house, the airflow increased so dramatically there is comfort in every room! My daughter’s room was always too hot or too cold but she’ll be thrilled with it now . . . and she won’t have to use the fans to get cool! Thanks you did a great job!

- Eric |

Frank, your website is wonderful! Credit it with getting you our business. The amount of information is overwhelming and you answered the questions the website didn’t answer. P.S. The new air conditioner works great!

- Allan |

The smell was horrible! Every time my air conditioner came on a sour, mildew odor came out. It was so bad my eyes watered. Frank diagnosed it as “Dirty Sock Syndrome,” a rare but not uncommon growth on the cooling coils. Since the location of my unit is very tight they had to search for it but finally found one in Houston. Jeff put it in and the odor was gone. Thank you.

- Patty |

Frank, all of your guys (technicians) are so professional. They explain everything in detail and plainly – it’s easy to understand. No tech jargon!

- Julie |

Frank, I tell my friends and neighbors,”If you’re looking for a company with integrity and great customer service look no further than Texas Air” Thanks for taking care of my need so quickly.

- Chris |

Jeff, thank you! You came out when the big company had left us without heating and saved us from a night of misery! You came out after hours, got us temporary heat until you could return with a part later to fix our unit right! I can’t express how grateful we are.

- Angela |

Jeff installed 5 new air conditioning systems at our church after the others were stolen. Their price was so much lower than the other bids I called them to make sure it was right. Frank told me that the company has a policy of paying back to the community and helping a church goes a long way toward making that pay back. Thanks Texas Air Doctors Family.

- Pete |

Jeff and everyone in the crew are extremely knowledgeable and so nice. We have nothing but positive things to say about our new unit and the experience with Texas Air Doctors. We are so glad we choose you to install our new system! You are the best!

- Susan |

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