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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Ft. Worth

Ac maintenance

According to the US Department of Energy, the typical US family spends at least $2,200 per year on energy bills—with nearly half of that paying for heating and cooling. Our hot Texas Summers probably cause our average heating and cooling cost to be higher than the national average, because our heating and cooling cost may consume a larger part of our income.

According to research done at the University of Texas A&M, the average Texas home spends 70% of their household utility budget to heat and cool their home.

Those of us who live in Texas agree with that research and know that the Hot Summers make our air conditioner work harder and work longer. You can reduce your electric bill in your Ft. Worth area home by proper air-conditioner maintenance and an AC Tune up.

AC Tune-Up Saves Money, Cooling Your Ft. Worth Home Better

Research done at Louisiana State University called, “A Result Demonstration in Residential Air Conditioning Servicing,” stated that maintenance restores performance capacity of your air conditioner, it improves the cooling effect provided to your home by your air-conditioner system and says that proper air conditioner maintenance can reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%.

Let me restate those points:

  1. Proper Maintenance can restore your air-conditioner’s capacity – that means that if your air containing system is rated at 4-Tons, lack of AC Maintenance over a period could reduce that capacity and make it seem like your 4-Ton Air Conditioner is really only a 3-Ton Air Conditioner.
  2. Maintenance on our heating and AC system improves the cooling effect of your home’s air conditioner and the heating effect of our home’s heating system – That means that proper maintenance can make your Summertime home cooler and your Wintertime home warmer.
  3. Air Conditioner and Heating Maintenance can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% - We all want to reduce our electric bill and quit overpaying the utility company bills.

Air Conditioning Tune Ups are Easy to Forget.

Air Conditioning appointments are easy to forget.

Maintenance on our HVAC System is like maintenance on our car or even on our health maintenance – easy to forget.

Forgetting the Maintenance service on our AV & Heat system is why we often let the maintenance service go longer than it should. Forgetting the maintenance service can cause expensive Air Conditioning Repair repairs on their heating system, which can result in an inefficient system or a complex, or expensive HVAC repair.

We all visit our Dentist or our Doctor to get a physical or to get our teeth cleaned to catch bigger problems in a timely manner. The same is true of an air conditioner tune-up and the maintenance associated with it – it will save money in the long run.

Contact us now to schedule your Ft. Worth Air Conditioner Maintenance.

What do You get with an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

This is a list of check points on our 21-Point HVAC Inspection:

  • Check Pressures
  • Check Freon
  • Check Contactors
  • Check Capacitors
  • Rinse Condenser
  • Check Drain System
  • Check Safety Switches
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Blower
  • Check Hi-Volt Wiring
  • Check Lo-Volt Wiring
  • Check Elec Connections
  • Check Compressor
  • Check Air Temperatures
  • Check OD Coil
  • Check Thermostat
  • Measure Amperages
  • Check Flame Sensor
  • Check Ductwork
  • Lubricate as needed
  • Check Disconnect

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Texas Air Doctors is Your Fort Worth AC Professionals

Our Fort Worth air conditioning technicians are all EPA Certified, State Registered, Factory Trained, Professionals. You’ll receive the best quality Air Conditioner Service, at a reasonable AC Repair price.

We know how important your air conditioner is to you and your family, and we’re here for you to receive the best ac service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Remember, you can depend on us for fast, affordable, local AC repairs, replacements, or tune-ups, you can depend on us for the best air conditioning work.

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