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Your home needs to be able to provide you and your family with comfort and security, and two of the most effective ways it’s able to do that is by heating and cooling your home. So making sure that your air conditioning and heating systems are in excellent condition is one of your main priorities. And any time you need to have any work done on your AC or heating unit, you need a Air Conditioning Contractor that you know you can trust to do the work.At Texas Air Doctors, our team is dedicated to providing each one of our clients with the highest quality repairs, maintenance, and installations there are. We also have services that can help you improve your indoor air quality, including air cleaners and humidifiers, which will make your home safer and more comfortable. We are a family owned and operated organization, and we hope you’ll rely on us for quality service, quality workmanship, and a commitment to the satisfaction of our clients. Our Richland Hills HVAC contractors will offer you upfront pricing at every job, and we guarantee that all of our work will be completely satisfactory.Give us a call today with any questions you might have about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment, and we’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Richland Hills Air Conditioning Repairs

Most homeowners don’t call in a professional to have work done on their AC until a serious problem with the system prevents it from functioning. At the point that they decide to call, homeowners are typically in an emergency situation. Your air conditioner is most likely to break down during the times it’s being used the most, which is unfortunately during the hottest parts of the year. To ensure that you’re never stuck in that situation, our Richland Hills air conditioning repair contractors recommend having regular maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections of your AC.Having a tune-up and inspection of your AC one a year, preferably just before the summer, will help you find any problems as quickly as possible after they develop. This means that you’ll pay less for the repairs, need fewer repairs done, and save money on your energy costs by having a more efficient air conditioning system. And when you do need work done on your AC, our Richland Hills air conditioning repair specialists are here to help.

Richland Hills Heating Repairs

Texas may not have the harshest winters there are, but when we do get cold weather, it’s important that you have a properly functioning heating system. When it gets cold enough, your heating is about more than just the comfort of your home: sometimes you need it there for your health and safety. Our Richland Hills air conditioning and heating contractors have extensive experience working with all kinds of heating units, including boilers, furnaces, central heating, and heat pumps.

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Reviews & Testimonials on Texas Air Doctors in Richland Hills, TX

Frank, when the Richland Hills City Building Inspector came to inspect the new American Standard furnace Jeff & Mike installed, he said, “Those guys really did a nice job.” He was impressed. Thanks for the great job, it’s so quite!

- LC |

Texas Air Doctors, please give these hand knitted dish towels to Misty. She was so helpful in getting my air-conditioner fixed. She is great!

- Kathleen |

Jeff installed 5 new air conditioning systems at our church after the others were stolen. Their price was so much lower than the other bids I called them to make sure it was right. Frank told me that the company has a policy of paying back to the community and helping a church goes a long way toward making that pay back. Thanks Texas Air Doctors Family.

- Pete |

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