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Save Money! Before calling for service do these simple Homeowner Checks:


1. Check the Thermostat –

  • Check to make sure it’s in the correct position. It should be set to ON and to COOL, and the temperature set to the desired temperature below room temperature.
  • Replace the batteries
  • It could just be a bad thermostat. Call Texas Air Doctors for a new one.

Note: If it has a blank screen, the Electrical Supply to the Indoor Unit may be turned Off, per #3 below.

2. Check the Indoor Unit –

Check to make sure:

  • The electric switch adjacent to the unit is in the ON position.
  • Look for lights glowing inside the unit.
  • Look for detached or mis-aligned doors.

Note: Don’t take the indoor unit doors off, Call Texas Air Doctors for service.

3. Check the Emergency Drain Pan under your Indoor Unit –

  • All Emergency Drain Pans should have an Emergency Cut Off Switch. If there is water in the pan, the Emergency Cut Off Switch may have turned the unit off.
  • If it waits a little while for the water to drain; it may restart, but it may also shut off again if the blockage isn’t cleared. It’s best to Call Texas Air Doctors for service.

4. Check your Air Filter –

  • Dirty Air Filters are one of the most common causes of Air Conditioning failure and often contribute to more expensive failures.
  • They may be in the ceiling or at the Indoor Unit. Air Filters should be checked and replaced regularly.

5. Check your Outdoor Unit for Ice or Frost –

  • Look at where the big copper line goes into the Outdoor Unit.
  • If it’s frosty or has Ice Buildup, it could be low on Freon, the Indoor Coil may be dirty (you’ve already checked the filter, right?), or there may be another failure. Call Texas Air Doctors for service.

6. Check the Electrical Supply Box next to your Outdoor Unit –

  • Usually located inside a small breaker box, mounted on the exterior wall withing 6-feet of your Outdoor Unit.
  • Open the breaker box and make sure the switch is in the ON position.
  • Reset the breaker by turning it off then on again. Be prepared for a loud noise or for it to turn off again.

WARNING: This box contains 220-Volts of electricity. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, call Texas Air Doctors for service.

7. Check the Electrical Breaker Box that services your Whole Home –

  • Look for one marked: “Furnace” or “Air Handler” to see if it has flipped off.
  • Look for two combined that are marked: “Air Conditioner” to see if it has flipped off.
  • Touch each breaker to verify that it is in the ON Position.

8. Check Air Flow at the Vents –

  • With the Fan in the On Position at the Thermostat and if you can reach it, one of the vents nearest to the indoor unit and put your hand in front of it. If you don’t have any air coming out, check the outdoor unit again for frost or ice per #5 above. It may be frozen on the inside unit; if so, you’ll need to call Texas Air Doctors for service.

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