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What’s That Smell Coming from My Air Conditioner?

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At Texas Air Doctors, we often receive calls from homeowners complaining about different odors coming from their AC. Here’s 6 of the most common types of smells and what might be the cause for them.

1. Dirty Socks:

Typically referred to as “Dirty Sock Syndrome”. This smell is caused by bacterial growth on the indoor cooling coil. The solution to this odor is usually a professional cleaning by Texas Air Doctors on the indoor evaporator coil and then adding a UV light to prevent further bacterial growth.

2. Mold or Mildew:

If you get a smell like mold or mildew, it could be caused by a clogged drain line. Indications of a clogged drain line include dripping water from the condensate drain line (that pipe outside), standing water in the emergency drain pan, and signs of water damage on your ceiling. Clogged drain lines can often lead to more serious problems with your Air Conditioner if not cleared properly, it’s always best to contact a licensed professional, like Texas Air Doctors for service.

3. Rotten Egg (Sulfur):

Often, the smell of rotten eggs is caused by dead birds or rodents that take shelter in the attic or duct work. It happens most often when pest control packets, containing poison, are distributed through the attic and the animal dies up there.

4. Burning:

A burning smell from your Air Conditioner could indicate an electrical or mechanical failure, such as an overheating motor or broken-down compressor. Turn off your HVAC System immediately and call a licensed professional, like Texas Air Doctors, for service.

5. Stale Cigarettes:

The smell of cigarettes can permeate through a home long after it has been smoked. To get rid of this odor; we suggest changing the air filters, having your indoor coil professionally cleaned, and then installing a UV light to eliminate any residual smells. Call Texas Air Doctors for service and we’ll help you get rid of that cigarette odor in your home.

6. Gun Powder:

A gun powder smell coming from your air conditioning system is usually caused by electrical issues, such as a fried circuit board or fan motor inside the unit. Electrical issues can be very dangerous, it’s always best to turn off your system and call Texas Air Doctors for service.

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