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Dangers of Neglecting Your Fireplace Maintenance

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Your fireplace is like your HVAC, your plumbing, your electric, and every other major installation within your Fort Worth home: It needs regular maintenance to keep it running dependably. More than that, though, your fireplace needs routine maintenance to keep it running SAFELY. After all, a poorly maintained fireplace could open the doors to a variety of dangers.

What dangers are those, you may wonder? We'll get to that soon. For now, you simply need to know that failure to get regular maintenance for your fireplace could result in a variety of issues that could hurt your loved ones -- or worse. It goes without saying you'll want to prevent that from happening, and to do so, you need routine fireplace maintenance.

If you're in the market for a dependable fireplace specialist in the Fort Worth area, call the pros at Texas Air Doctors. Our fireplace experts will provide thorough maintenance services that will keep your fireplace running dependably and, most of all, safely for many winters to come. After all, without fireplace maintenance, you could experience the following dangers:

Your Chimney Could Catch On Fire

You read that right: Your CHIMNEY could catch on fire if you neglect to get your fireplace maintained. How so, though? It's just brick and mortar, right? Wrong. Well, right that a chimney is made of brick and mortar, but wrong if you think that that's all that's up there. After all, fires can cause a buildup of something called "creosote" in your chimney -- a very flammable material.

A bit of creosote in your chimney is really nothing to worry about. However, if you neglect to ever get your fireplace maintained, that creosote will only build up through the years, creating a thicker and thicker blanketing of the flammable material that turns your chimney into an inferno waiting to happen. Before that CAN happen, though, you need to be sure to get regular fireplace maintenance that will help to remove the buildup.

Your Home Could Suffer Smoke Damage

Not all fireplace issues are as deadly or as dramatic as a chimney fire. For instance, a poorly maintained fireplace might also fail to ventilate properly. What happens next is obvious enough: Your fireplace wouldn't be able to expel all of the smoke through the chimney but would instead have to send the excess into the worst possible place: right in your Fort Worth home.

This problem may not be immediately obvious. It may even be pretty much imperceptible. Still, though, it can be a problem -- and a big one for your interior furnishings and installations. Over time, this excess smoke in your home could cause fading and even damage electronics, necessitating a variety of costly repairs and replacements. To avoid this cost, take on the far lower cost of fireplace maintenance.

Your Health Could Become Affected

Your furniture is not the only thing that could suffer because of excess smoke (of any quantity) in your home. Your indoor air supply could also suffer. As smoke works its way into your home, it could mesh into your home's air, leading to a sharp decrease in its quality. However, dirty indoor air is not the major problem in this case.

Rather, the major problem is the effects smoky indoor air could have on your health. As you spend months and even years breathing smoke-laden air, you could start to suffer from respiratory issues, headaches, and many other health-related problems. Before you find yourself dealing with these problems, you need to get your fireplace maintained so that the problems don't happen.

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