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"Texas Air Doctors Fixed our fireplace! Thanks to Jeff at Texas Air Doctors, a wedding reception I had scheduled at my restaurant was saved. He came our on short notice and repaired the fireplace that my guest had insisted upon. Thanks Texas Air Doctors, and specifically Thanks Jeff!" - Steve Morris

"Always on time. Friendly, knowledgeable, and don't leave you feeling like they have taken advantage of you. I like dealing with local businesses and I'm glad to have this one in my area." - James Lopez

"They are fantastic. I have used them for my home, my church, and my business. They are a first rate company." - A Local Customer

"Texas Air Doctors offers exceptionally quality service. They get it right the 1st time. They follow up on the appointments to make sure the client is satisfied. In order to get excellent and quality service, you have to have dependable people. My equipment is an investment and I prefer to pay workers HEALTHY wages; not slave labor wages. Bronk from July 2011 believes in slave labor and he never mentioned that obviously his unit was working properly. He doesn't realize the technicians are out in the field; not in the office." - A Local Customer

"The customer service was outstanding the workmanship was excellent. This is the best company I have found that has great customer service, competitive prices and great work. I would recommend this company to everybody. Keep up the great work!" - Qu W.

"Frank and Mike installed a new 16-SEER air conditioner/heat pump at my total electric home last year, along with sealing the air ducts, adding attic insulation AND - big letters here - put in a Solar Hot Water Heater! WOW- what a difference! I went from $600 utility bills, to bills that were regularly $88-$92! My highest bill in the last year is $148!!! I love you guys!" - Carol A., Hurst, TX

"We had scheduled an inspection by the Fort Worth Building Official after a completed installation for the Patty W. residence. Patty called us to tell us that when the inspector found out that Texas Air Doctors was her contractor he said,"I love doing inspections behind these guys, because it's always right, clean, and up to code. It makes my job much easier." - Patty W.

"Jeff and everyone in the crew are extremely knowledgeable and so nice. We have nothing but positive things to say about our new unit and the experience with Texas Air Doctors. We are so glad we choose you to install our new system! You are the best!" - Susan and Dennis H., North Richland Hills, TX

"Jeff installed 5 new air conditioning systems at our church after the others were stolen. Their price was so much lower than the other bids I called them to make sure it was right. Frank told me that the company has a policy of paying back to the community and helping a church goes a long way toward making that pay back. Thanks Texas Air Doctors Family." - Pete F., First Baptist Church of Richland Hills

"Thanks to Mike and Frank, I brag every time I attend our Condo Association meetings. You see, I called Texas Air Doctors about my electric bills last year ($600 in January 2010). They installed a new heat pump system and sealed my home and installed a new solar hot water heater. My bills are averaging $100 to $115 a month now." - Carole A., Hurst, TX

"Jeff, thank you! You came out when the big company had left us without heating and saved us from a night of misery! You came out after hours, got us temporary heat until you could return with a part later to fix our unit right! I can't express how grateful we are." - Angela C., Southlake, TX

"I've been with a large home warranty company for 23-years. We've seen good technicians and bad, but undoubtably your company consistently sent the best technicians we've ever had." - Melvin B., Arlington, TX

"Jeff came out about a year ago and sealed my air ducts and built boxes around my recessed light fixtures. I'm on average billing and my electric bill at that time was $180 per month. After the work was done, it dropped immediately to $150 per month! Thanks - you guys do great work." - Jamie L., Flower Mound, TX

"Frank, I tell my friends and neighbors,"If you're looking for a company with integrity and great customer service look no further than Texas Air" Thanks for taking care of my need so quickly." - Chris P., Colleyville, TX

"Frank, all of your guys (technicians) are so professional. They explain everything in detail and plainly - it's easy to understand. No tech jargon!" - Julie B., Southlake, TX

"Becky, thanks for your explanation of your Mustang Club. We had planned on doing it last year but life got in the way. Teresa reminded me that we needed to get our air conditioners tuned up and you explained how much money we could save with the Mustang Club. It is a really good value." - Dennis I., Trophy Club, TX

"Mike, I woke at 6 this morning after your sealed our air duct system yesterday and our house is definitely colder!!! Thanks I'm prepared for a hot summer now." - Becky O., Mansfield, TX

"I have used Texas Air Doctors for over 5-years. When my furnace went out I decided to get a whole new system. Even though my experience with Texas Air Doctors is positive, I'm involved in corporate purchasing for IBM and decided to get several prices. Texas Air Doctors was not the low bid, but Frank explained the difference and told me how it would be a mistake to get the entry level product. He talked me into getting a 95% efficiency furnace and matching it up to a more efficient air-conditioner later. Although I spent more on the furnace than I would have on the entry level system, I got in on the Federal Tax Credit and am going to get $1,500 back. The entry level furnace would have cost more than that and would not have had the tax credit." - Joan W., Trophy Club, TX

"I decided that I needed a new air conditioner and heater because my December electric bill was over $500 on this little 1200 square foot house. I called 5 companies. Frank came from Texas Air Doctors. He showed me why the bill was so high and a simple way to fix it without spending $6,000 on a new air conditioner. He sealed my house, insulated the attic and helped me get rebate money from the electric company. I will use them when we get ready to replace the system!" - Jason L., Benbrook, TX

"The smell was horrible! Every time my air conditioner came on a sour, mildew odor came out. It was so bad my eyes watered. Frank diagnosed it as "Dirty Sock Syndrome," a rare but not uncommon growth on the cooling coils. Since the location of my unit is very tight they had to search for it but finally found one in Houston. Jeff put it in and the odor was gone. Thank you." - Patty W., Fort Worth, TX

"Frank, Jeff - thank your for your persistence. You found the gas valve for my fireplace. The fireplace is no longer manufactured and I thought I was going to have to replace it. Your knowledge of outside aftermarket sources saved me a fortune. Thanks!" - Coach Steve G., Flower Mound, TX

"Frank the fireplace you put in is wonderful. My son came in from Washington D.C. with a chill and settled in front of it during Christmas. The room was warm and when he left for Los Alamos, N.M. he felt much better." - Barbera G., Keller, TX

"Frank, your website is wonderful! Credit it with getting you our business. The amount of information is overwhelming and you answered the questions the website didn't answer. P.S. The new air conditioner works great!" - Allan P., Fort Worth, TX

"Wow! What a difference! After you redesigned and changed the ducts in our house, the airflow increased so dramatically there is comfort in every room! My daughter's room was always too hot or too cold but she'll be thrilled with it now . . . and she won't have to use the fans to get cool! Thanks you did a great job!" - Eric and Tammi F., Ridglea CC Addition Fort Worth, TX

"As an insurance adjuster I deal with contractors everyday. I must say Texas Air Doctors was a breath of fresh air. I had started to believe that there were no good contractors left but you were a refreshing change from my recent experiences. You did a wonderful job and our propane bills dropped by 30% with the new units, plus I can feel air in my basement now!" - Nigel G., North Richland Hills, TX

"Frank, when we decided to change out our air-conditioning system, I did my due diligence and invited several different contractors to bid on the unit. Although Texas Air Doctors was substantially higher than the other contractors we choose you because we believed you would provide better service. You professionalism far exceeded the other company." - John and Vicky A., North Richland Hills, TX

"Frank, I just wanted you to know, I got my January and February 2009 gas bills. They were 50% less than the November and December 2008 bills. I believe it is a direct result of Jeff and his guys adding insulation and sealing the cavities between the first and second floor at our home! Excellent service! The Mustang membership also reduces cost of seasonal check-ups as well as other parts/labor/service calls. I definitely recommend this company to consumers/homeowners for air conditioning/heating/gas fireplace concerns." - Linda C., Ashmore Addition Colleyville, TX

"I want to say thank you all for your outstanding support you've provided us the last couple of years. Particularly thanks for sealing the air ducts, can lights, attic spaces and exterior doors. Since we had it done, our electric bills have consistently been $150-$200 less than the previous years bills!" - Brian F., Trophy Club, TX

"Thanks! You were right about needing additional return air vents. The system you worked on is cooling better than ever, so we're ready to do the other system now. It's the first time I haven't dreaded summer since we moved into this house." - Mia G., Highland Meadows addition Colleyville, TX

"You were right! We've lived in this house since it was new and the master bedroom has always been hot. You suggested a new larger return vent there and now the air throughout the house is uniform and cool. We're also going to install the Attic Seal Zipper Door you suggested." - BJ & Gary, North Richland Hills, TX

"I had a dust problem. One of your competitors came out and couldn't give me an answer to my problem, so I called Texas Air Doctors. Frank came out and told me in 15-minutes what the problem was and how to fix it. The work was completed 3-weeks ago and the dust problem is gone and my house is cooler and more comfortable." - David M., Fort Worth, TX

"Until you put in the new system, this house had never been so cool! And quiet! It is so quiet, I can't even hear it running! Your guys worked hard and stayed late to get me cool, so I baked them some cup cakes to thank them, hope you don't mind." - Lisa B., Fort Worth, TX

"Wow! We've lived in this home for 5 years and I always sit at the same place on the sofa. After you finished redoing our ducts I felt air coming from the overhead vent! Plus there is no dust! Thanks, thanks, thanks!" - Carey P., Bedford, TX

"A year-and-a-half ago I moved to Colleyville and bought an existing home. Frank came out as a representative of American Home Shield. He told me some things at that time that I could do to reduce my utility bills. I didn't do them and continued service with the AC company the previous owner had used. When I got a $2400 Electric bill I asked them to implement some of Frank's suggestions and it cut my bill to $1300 the first month! When they couldn't get it right on some of the other problems I had, I called Frank and he saw immediately where the problem was and corrected it. I am very pleased with the service of the Texas Air Doctors." - Steve M., Cascades of Timmeron Colleyville, TX

"Wow! Back in 2003 I had a service man who cut a hole in the wall in the closet of the guest bedroom. The hole went directly into the attic and I didn't know it was there until I got the Blower Door Test. Whenever we went into that room during the test, the Theatrical Smoke Frank and Linda used was pouring, I mean POURING, out from behind the clothes! Now I know why my utility bills are so high and why my allergies are so bad!" - Clifton W., Bedford, TX

"Frank, you and Linda saved us a fortune! Your Blower Door was so impressive! When we sealed up the air leaks, our house became more comfortable immediately and I don't dust once a month now! I will definitely recommend you to the other Realtors." - Kris V., Flower Mound, TX

"Texas Air Doctors, please give these hand knitted dish towels to Misty. She was so helpful in getting my air-conditioner fixed. She is great!" - Kathleen R., N. Richland Hills, TX

"Frank, please tell Misty and Josh how much we appreciated their hard work in getting our service performed. Just call Misty, "Miss Customer Service," she was so helpful! Thanks again." - Jake & Sandy K., Grapevine, TX

"Frank: Please convey to Carlos and his crew how much I appreciate the hard work they did and how well they cleaned up my house after they were done! I think it was cleaner after they left than before." - Kathryn M., Hurst, TX

"Texas Air Doctors replaced my air ducts (and on a Saturday, no less). I am sleeping better, breathing better, and the air seems fresher. They showed me where lots of dust was coming into my house from the attic where a ceiling was broken over the closet and causing me lots of dust." - Abraham M., Irving, TX

"Thank you for coming out as quickly as you did. Jeff was exceptionally helpful and took extra time answering my questions." - Susan M., Colleyville, TX

"I've never had any home contractor leave my house so spotless....thank you!!!!" - Gwen D., Southlake, TX

"Last week, you sent Mike to do my Trane furnace maintenance. His courtesy and thoroughness reminded me why I keep working with your company. Keep up the good work!" - Dan M., Colleyville, TX

"The Bryant AC and Heat are working Terrifically, and are very, very quite compared to our old system!! But of course - what else did we expect? Thanks, Frank!" - Karen R., Hackberry Creek - Irving, TX

"After you installed the new Carrier condenser my July 2006 bill dropped by $225 compared to last year . . . and this year was hotter!" - Laura Lee H., North Richland Hills, TX

"My bill dropped by $125 after you installed my new Carrier upstairs unit!" - Mark W., Trophy Club, TX

"When the plumber cut the Freon line at my job, Jeff came over immediately and fixed it so we didn't have to pull off and inconvenience the homeowner! And your price was very reasonable, thanks for your prompt service!" - David C., Colleyville, TX

"My wife was pregnant, my American Standard AC wasn't cooling so I called Frank and although they were very busy and couldn't get to us until the next day, he gave me some instructions for trouble shooting my unit and I was able to fix it that day by myself! Thanks Frank, you saved my marriage (lol)!" - David R., Bedford, TX

"Frank, when the Richland Hills City Building Inspector came to inspect the new American Standard furnace Jeff & Mike installed, he said, "Those guys really did a nice job." He was impressed. Thanks for the great job, it's so quite!" - LC H., Richland Hills, TX

"Jeff came to my home after another company's technician had told me I needed a new gas valve for $425. Jeff called the Technical Assistance department at Rheem and they told him how to fix the failure and all I had to pay was a service call. Thanks, Jeff!" - Larry C., Arlington Police Officer

After instructing him how to troubleshoot a problem with his fireplace over the telephone, "I just had to call and tell you I really appreciated your help, your instructions were right-on and my fireplaces are now working! Your Customer Service is Number ONE! Thanks." - James R., Valley Ranch, TX

"Frank, Thanks! You answered my questions, installed the new filters and installed the Attic Tents over the attic stair and now my house is cleaner, our son's asthma problems have been minimized and we feel better!" - Tony G., Fort Worth, TX

"This is a testimonial for Frank Gossett's knowledge of cooling my house: We have 4 units in my house (put in before I met Frank and Texas Air Doctors). During the summer I have never felt comfortable unless the temperature was set at 68 degrees or lower. My summertime bill was regularly $1,700 or more! Frank air sealed my air duct system and installed an April Aire dehumidifier. I now set my thermostat at 79 to 81 degrees, I'm comfortable and my utility bill dropped to $850!" - Joan J., Dallas, TX

"I was introduced to Texas Air Doctors by my neighbor 5 years ago. They have installed 3 high efficiency filters, replaced 1 furnace and two cooling coils during this time. I am so confident of their honesty and ability I call them for contractor referrals when I need other services performed." - Shawn B., Plano, TX

"My wife and I are from Kosovo and feel that many contractors attempt to take advantage of us. Frank was the third contractor to come and look at our 8-year-old Air-Conditioning and heating system. The others wanted to replace the systems, but Frank pointed to problems with the house's construction that were causing it to be too hot or too cold and how a new system would not fix the problems. Fixing the house is cheaper than replacing the units, too." - Sergy N., Southlake, TX

"I believe that the comfort we have now was well worth the investment we made. The air is crisper, cleaner and it just feels better." - Elin P., Southlake, TX (after installation of 2 Central Dehumidifiers and Accu Clean Air Cleaners)

"Your price was 10% higher than the other bid, but you spent more time with me and I felt you knew more about what I wanted; then, you added two return air ducts that definitely made my home more comfortable." - Glen W., Grapevine, TX

"Your attention to detail and common sense made us cancel a contract we had already signed with another contractor. Then you instructed us on how to get gas run to our total electric home so we could get the economy that gas provides over electric heat." - Nancy & Bill D., Grapevine, TX

"Frank, I don't know if this is a compliment or not, but we aren't getting any complaints and that usually signifies that our congregation is very happy with the results!" - Trinity Presbyterian Church, Denton, TX

"Now we know who to call for A/C repair. We've always been reluctant because we didn't know who or what we'd get! Your guys were very good and my wife felt comfortable with them." - Fred & Louise S., Colleyville, TX

"Our neighbor, Ron C., recommended you. Our community trades names of contractors they are well pleased with." - Lisa A., Southlake, TX

"Frank, you saved us in a dire situation. Our elderly and sickly relatives were coming into town for a wedding and although our AC was broke, you got it going while they were here. Thanks!" - Debbie S., Bedford, TX

"Thanks Texas Air Doctors. The other company just wanted us to buy a new system, but you installed a compressor & we have time to plan a replacement now." - Larry C., Trophy Club, TX

"I know, Frank, I know - I need to replace it, but right now all we want to do is repair it. I'm so glad to have met you guys, the other companies were very high pressure and all they wanted to do was install a new air-conditioner." - Mary R., Southlake, TX

"I have never had anyone clean up like your guys did! It was cleaner after they left than it was before!" - Ms. Richard B., Colleyville, TX

"I wish all my contractors were as thorough and polite as you are." - Linda at Helping Hands

"Frank, I have to compliment your guys. They worked hard all day, only talked about the business of getting my unit installed and I never heard a curse word." - Allen S., Pastor in Mansfield, TX

"Your blower door test was amazing! It explained why my utility bills are so high. With your instruction of what I can do myself and then you installation of the parts on the air-conditioner, my home is more comfortable, less dusty and I'm confident that my bills will be significantly reduced!" - Larry W., Murphy, TX (CFO for one of the largest churches in Dallas)

"You know this unit has been in for 6-years now and I've had to add Freon every year. Texas Air Doctors is the first company that cared enough to search for and seal the leak." - David E., Euless, TX

"We have used Texas Air Doctors for several years. Every year they come, once in the fall and once in the spring to examine my units for safety. Jeff just left and told me about damage don to my systems by the carpet cleaners who cleaned the ducts. He said that the damage could have contributed to the high electric bills I got this summer." - Liz C.

"They came to work on my fireplace but asked if we had had or furnace checked recently. Coincidentally another company had just been out and prescribed a big ticket list of problems. Jeff looked at it and found that most of the other companies suggestions were bogus! I live in Southlake and sometimes I think service people figure we're easy marks and build up a huge price. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!" - Mary F., Southlake, TX

"A year ago Mike and Frank came to my new home here in Hurst and they: installed a new air conditioner; sealed the drafts around the house; sealed and straightened my air ducts; and put in a Solar Hot Water Heater. I spent a little less than $19,000 but I got over $8,000 of that back from electric company rebates and an IRS tax credit. Since then my average electric bill is $92 a month! Thanks Frank and Mike! You guys are great!" - Brenda W., Hurst, TX

"Very Trustworthy and reliable service! i would recommend the Mustang Club to anyone that has not had it- has saved us a lot of $ over the years. Honest and great people - would recommend them to anyone!!" - A Local Customer

"I wish to compliment the people at Texas Air Doctors They accomplished what I needed, on my time schedule at a reasonable price and got me back on line before I had to go out of town." - Ken

"With the cooler weather I wanted to get my fireplace working, since it didn't last year. I went to store in Colleyville called Yard Art who sells gas log and patio furniture. They recommended Texas Air Doctors for repairs and even had a coupon for them. I don't like having to meet repair technicians but Jeff was very polite and efficient. He repaired the fireplace and offered their services on my heating and air conditioning systems also. We have arranged a Fall tune up on my heating systems at a future date. I will recommend Texas Air Doctors to my neighbors." - Robin

"I've used Texas Air Doctors for over 8 years. I told 3 of my neighbors about them and TAD now services my neighbors homes. Naturally to stay with them for 8 years I've been well pleased and have recommended them to friends and family." - Liz

"Clean, polite, knowledgable - sounds like something simple but when you have had as many bad, creepy technicians as I have you'd appreciate the change. Definitely recommend!" - Larry

"I own a restaurant in Colleyville. One of the rooms has a gas fireplace in it and a customer had rented it for a wedding reception with the specific demand that the fireplace work. After several failed attempts to get it to stay lit, I finally called Texas Air Doctors and Jeff came out. He not only fixed the fireplace, but gave me several suggestions on how to keep the soot from staining the rock front. His prices were reasonable and the reception went off without a hitch. Without hesitation I would recommend Texas Air Doctors to my friends and family." - Steve

"Texas Air Doctors has serviced our home's fireplace and our air conditioning and heating systems. I got their name from the preferred vender list for my Lantana Homeowner's Association. Jeff has been to my home many times as have both Mike and Frank. I have nothing but the highest regard for them and their company. I felt compelled to write this review because of that relationship. I recommend Texas Air Doctors to my friends and neighbors because of the good service I've received." - Tim M.

"The most honest service I have ever received. I highly recommend them for all your home heating, air conditioning, and fireplaces. Honest - reasonable - professional and BONDED!" - Linda

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