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Texas’ best choice to service all your hot water and water heater needs. From the traditional tank type water heater to the space saving tankless water heater, Texas Air Doctors can repair or replace your Water Heater Today.

Face it. There are two times when you think about your Fort Worth Water Heater. The day it’s installed and the day it breaks down. If your water heater is more than 8 years old you can expect it to fail at any time. You might get lucky and just have it stop heating. Or, you might discover that the tank leaked all over the floors causing hundreds of dollars in damage and weeks of clean up and restoration.

Texas Air Doctors offers the following choices and options when it comes to heating water:

  • Standard Tank Type Water Heaters – Conventional tank type water heaters offered in sizes from 20 gallon to 120 gallon capacity, fueled by electric or gas. Energy Efficiency ratings starting at .58 and higher for Gas models and .85 and higher for electric models.
  • Fort Worth Tankless Type Water Heaters – Tankless Type Water Heaters offered in sizes for one fixture, complete homes, or commercial applications, fueled by electric or gas. Energy Efficiency ratings starting at .82 and higher for Gas models and .95 and higher for electric models. Some ENERGY STAR® Tax Credit may be available.
  • Energy Star Products - Visit for more information.
  • Pool Heaters – Available in Gas or Energy Efficient Electric Heat Pump models.


Looking For A New Water Heater? Fort Worth Hot Water Heaters Installation

Not Sure what type to go with: Tankless or a traditional tank water heater for your Fort Worth home? Gas or Electric?
Let the professional experts at Texas Air Doctors discuss your options.
A family of four can use as much as 2,500 gallons of hot water each month. Texas Air Doctors can help you select the right water heater to meet your lifestyle and your budget. You can choose from a conventional water heater or a tankless water heater.  The newest models of water heaters last longer and are more efficient. They’ll actually save you money!

Hot Water When You Need it,
and for As Long as You want it?
All Yours…from
Texas Air Doctors.

There are many brands of water heaters on the market…gas and electric.
But one thing most of them have in common is a storage tank with a maximum capacity of water. Plus, the water inside the tank must be constantly heated and even then, you can have a longer-than-desired wait for the water to reach its desired temperature.

Sound familiar?

Well, now you can have instant hot water at every tap with an automatic circulator, designed, installed and maintained by the water heater processionals at Texas Air Doctors.

Or, if your water heater is inside your home, particularly in the attic, you may wish to investigate an Emergency Cutoff valve that will turn the water off in the event of a catastrophic rupture. It will prevent the flooding your home.

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"Frank, when the Richland Hills City Building Inspector came to inspect the new American Standard furnace Jeff & Mike installed, he said, "Those guys really did a nice job." He was impressed. Thanks for the great job, it's so quite!"

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"Frank, I have to compliment your guys. They worked hard all day, only talked about the business of getting my unit installed and I never heard a curse word."

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