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Texas Air Doctors is a professionally licensed and insured Fort Worth heating contractor providing a variety of services for residential or commercial heating systems. Our heating services include heating system maintenance programs, heating system installations, heating repairs, furnace repairs, heat pump repairs, fireplace repairs, energy audits and services for zoned systems.

Services Our Fort Worth Heating Contractors Provide

Heating Repairs

Fort Worth Heating RepairsIf your heating system breaks down and stop working, don't suffer through the cold! Call Texas Air Doctors today and schedule heat repairs with our expert technicians. Our skilled heating contractors will diagnosis your problem and get to work fixing it as quickly as we can so that your home or business is warm and comfortable again. [...] Read More

Heating Installation

Fort Worth Heating installationIn need of a new heating system? Give our Fort Worth heating contractors a call today! We can install or replace any type of heating system. From heat pumps to gas furnaces, zoned systems to central heating and air conditioning, you can rest assured that our team of professional heating installation contractors will have your new heating equipment installed efficiently and flawlessly, guaranteed! [...] Read More

Heating System Check

Fort Worth Heating maintenanceIf you don't want your furnace to stop working inconveniently, you should really invest in a heating tune up in the fall prior to when you'll be relying on it more heavily in the winter. At Texas Air Doctors we have a thorough heating maintenance program that will ensure your heating system is operating efficiently, preventing any "hiccups" that may result in expensive repairs down the road. [...] Read More

Furnace Repairs

Fort Worth furnace repairsA gas furnace is never something to play around with. So when you need furnace repairs for your home or business, call our expert Fort Worth heating contractors to take care of the problem for you. Our technicians are licensed and insured to repair gas heating systems, and with our skills and know-how, you can rest assured that the furnace repairs will be done correctly and safely. [...] Read More

Heat Pump Repairs

Fort Worth Heating maintenanceHeat pumps are an excellent investment for making a home or commercial space more energy efficient. But like all heating systems, heat pumps much be properly maintained and may require repairs every once and a while. When your heat pump stops working properly, call our Fort Worth heating contractors for expert heat pump repairs. We can service your heat pump no matter what the brand is and ensure that it is operating properly to heat your home. [...] Read More

Fireplace Repairs

Fort Worth fireplace repairsHaving a gas fireplace is quite a treat during the colder months...snuggling up by the fire and enjoying the warmth it provides is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. But many homeowners don't keep their fireplaces properly maintained, and don't really think to do so until it stops working. But never fear - the expert heating contractors at Texas Air Doctors are here to provide you with quality fireplace repairs for your gas fireplace. [...] Read More

Zoned Systems

Fort Worth zoned systemsWhatever type of heating system you have, you can rely on Texas Air Doctors for top quality heating services. We specialize in providing service for zoned systems in both residential and commercial settings. Contact us today to schedule repairs, maintenance or installation services with our expert Fort Worth heating contractors for your zoned systems. [...] Read More

Energy Audits

Fort Worth energy auditsIf you want to save money on your heating costs, the answer may not necessarily be investing in a new, energy efficient heating system. There may actually be issues with your home or the ductwork that are causing you to lose a lot of money to your heating bills. Want to find out exactly what's going on with your heating expenses? Contact Texas Air Doctors today to schedule an energy audit with our Fort Worth heating specialists! You'll be surprised how much money we've saved other customers with just a few simple modifications! [...] Read More

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