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Our Guarantees


One-Year Trial, 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Replacement Guarantee only applies to thermostat, furnace or air handler, coil, and condensing unit, and only when they are installed as a system at the same time. It does not include ductwork, building performance improvements and/or system enhancements (e.g. zoning systems, air cleaners, etc.). A written request for refund must be made by Registered Mail and received in the Texas Air Doctors’ offices prior to the 1-year anniversary.

Texas Air Doctors will remove the HVAC system within 30 days of receipt of the request and refund its net price minus any rebates, discounts or incentives of any kind from any source, such as utility companies, manufacturers, or Texas Air Doctors in-house rebates.

No Lemon and Temperature Guarantee

Just call Texas Air Doctors and we will make sure that these guarantees are upheld. Guarantee only applies when air handler, coil, and condensing unit are installed as a system at the same time.

Best Price Guarantee

Upon receipt of competitors lower priced proposal, Texas Air Doctors will beat the competitor’s price by at least $50 when comparing the same product, insurance coverage’s, installation procedures, etc.

If you are looking for a Fort Worth air conditioning specialist then please call 817-329-0334 or complete our online request form.